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Catering for an event or just having that get-together? Are you dreading the fact that you’ll have to cook every single dish?

Well, why don’t you relax and let Afrisian do the work for you. ‘Cause we’ve got you covered!

Kick everything up a notch with our sets of African Feast Deals that your guests will surely take delight in.

Check out these perfectly curated mixes, done by our expert chefs, of our best dishes that pair so well together.

You want it? We have it. Perfectly Curated mix of our Best dishes

All our best dishes are curated perfectly for every feast deal. Each occasion has their own deal with delicious small chops, mains, stews and so much more.

Perfect for party food, family meals, gatherings, potlucks, celebrations or if you’re just looking for a meal bundle.

We offer different types of feast deals that will surely be a hit, no matter the occasion. And there’s always a little something for everyone as we have large portions in family sized trays.

You can have something pure African - meat pies, suya, wings and yams. Or maybe something mixed like Jollof rice with king prawn noodles and suya.

Thinking about treating everyone with a bundle of pastries? Then go check out our Rora deal with puff, sausage rolls and meat pies.

How bout something light for that small get together you and your friends are having this weekend? Try the Jeje feast deal with mini meat pies, jollof rice, wings and suya.

These are some of the most amazing combinations of party meals for large groups to serve everyone.

A mixture of Asian and African cuisine in one feast box? Check out the I Dey Abroad deal for this delightful combo.

Wondering what kind of party food to bring? Just go check out our full menu of different amazing meals.

These are one of the best large dinner party meals you’d ever have.

Serve this at any occasion may it be large or small, and wow everyone with the perfect mix & match of delicious food that any guest would love.

Nothin’ but bliss with Easy to prepare, ready made dishes

There’ll be no more worries about sourcing for ingredients or spending the whole day in the kitchen filled with smells.

You won’t ever have to be so stressed out and tired the next day that you can’t even move! We know that feeling all too well.

Afrisian is one of the top food delivery companies in the UK and delivers UK-wide, we ship your food in safe containers all over the United Kingdom.

We’ll ship anywhere from Aberdeen, Stratford, London, Birmingham, Manchester,

Glasgow, Portsmouth, Belfast, Bangor, Liverpool, Armagh, Bath and Cambridge.
Bradford, Cardiff, Brighton, Edinburgh, Bristol, Canterbury, Gloucester, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Derby, Hereford, Dundy, Durham and Ely are also on our radar for deliveries.

As well as, Exeter, Lancaster, Leeds, Newport, Newry, Manchester, Newcastle, Lisburn, Londonderry, Portsmouth, Oxford, Nottingham and plenty more.

Wherever you are in the UK, we can ship delicious food right to your doorstep.

If you’re just in London, we also deliver locally. From Croydon, Greenwich, Bexley, Lambeth, Bromley, Wandsworth, Lewisham, Sutton, Richmond, Merton, Southwark, Chelsea, South Kensington, Newhan, Havering, Hackney, Barking, Redbridge, Westminster and more.

All the work’s already been done. From choosing what dish to serve to prepping and cooking them, it’s all good and done. You don’t have to worry about anything.

We have a selection of fancy feast deals already prepared for you to serve. Imagine all the huge savings you’d have from buying our combo deals. Large food trays filled to the brim with tasty African and Asian meals.

We also have a lot of discount promos all throughout the year for your party meals if you’re on a budget. Large servings and platters for your group.

You’ll feel nothing but bliss as we deliver great and tasty dishes for your dinner table.

Easy does it with Afrisian’s pleasant services.

It’s not a party if you’re out there working away behind the scenes. All the attention will be going to you and your dishes, as you wow everyone with your exquisite palate.

There’s literally nothing else to do but sit and socialize, ‘cause there’s nothing worse than not being able to have fun while everybody else is.

So why don’t you grab that well deserved rest and let us prepare the best feast for you and your guests.

Let us take care of you, Choose Afrisian 

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