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How to safely reheat your meals

“My family loved the assorted meat”

Assorted Meat

  • Fall off the bone

  • Taste Amazing

    Flavours from onions, herbs, bay leaves and curry powder

  • Covered in goodness

    Covered in some delicious African red pepper sauce

Assorted Meat
  • Fall off the bone

  • Taste Amazing

    Flavours from onions, herbs, bay leaves and curry powder

  • Covered in goodness

    Covered in some delicious African red pepper sauce

  • Chef-made

    Expertly made by well-experienced chefs in a professional kitchen

  • Baked not Fried

    Healthier alternative to deep frying, baked at a high temperature

  • Premium Choice

    High quality meat from local butchers around London

Make the SWITCH, Time to Choose Something better

We outperform with more than just great food.



Nigerian Spot

Uber Eats

Uber Eats

100% Halal
Safe Ready Made meals
Caters large servings
Planet-Friendly Packaging
Well-Curated Feast Deals
Fun Snackboxes
Traditional & Authentic
High quality Ingredients
Very Responsive
Ships all over the UK

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can I serve this immediately?

You most definitely can, but you gotta heat 'em up first!

How do I store my meals? Can I freeze it?

Immediately after receiving your delivery, unpack your box, take out the delicious food and pop ‘em straight in your freezer to keep ‘em fresh until you’re ready to enjoy them. And if you can wait that long, you can keep your meals in the freezer for up to 6 months. We also advise you to refrain from freezing your meals if you’ve already put them in the fridge.

Are your meals Halal?

Yes they absolutely are! Our Assorted meat dish is perfectly Halal.

What time should I expect my orders to arrive?

Our ready meals are delivered to you by our partners every Tuesday and Friday. They’ll also let you know when they’ll be arriving by dropping you a text or an email 1 hour in advance. But usually, just expect them around 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Haven’t received a text or email? You can contact DPD here with your delivery reference number.

How many portions does it serve?

Our delicious assorted meat weighs around 550 g and could serve up to 3 portions.

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What people care about most

An Afrisian chef, expertly trained on West African and East Asian cuisine.

Expertly Crafted

Made in a professional kitchen with trained chefs.

Afrisian's premium promise that all ingredients used are of the top-quality.

Premium Quality

Each ingredient is hand checked, ensuring freshness.

Afrisian showing the convenience of having these Freshly & Ready Meals.

Amazingly Convenient

It’s easy and trouble-free, just reheat and enjoy.

A Pestle & Mortar used in West African cuisine that shows the Authenticity of Afrisian.

Deliciously Authentic

All our dishes are made with Traditional techniques

Afrisian being proud of its Nigerian Culture & Heritage.

Proudly Nigerian

100% Nigerian owned with a diverse team of people

Road to Sustainability

Here at Afrisian, we believe in taking care of the world we live in. So reducing our waste and carbon footprint is definitely one of our main priorities.

That’s why we made sure to provide you with recyclable packaging that’s better for our environment!

From our planet-friendly boxes that are guaranteed to be carbon-neutral and biodegradable to the Insulation that are all made from recycled textile.

Even our trays are made from sustainable sources that offsets the carbon footprint left from manufacturing them.

Sustainability doesn’t just come from packaging, but from the people who deliver these to you as well. Our partners do a great job at measuring their environmental impact and they’re planning to lessen their carbon emissions as well.

We are dedicated to not only bring you the best out of our service, but also be part of the change we want to see in this world.

Now for all our meat lovers out there, what’s better than having a piece of delicious tender meat right in front of you?

That’s right, a BIGGER plate of delicious tender meat! And if you’re into that then here’s something special just for you.

Tender and juicy cuts of meat covered in a beautiful African style stew! This is truly the meat lover’s paradise, and it’s absolutely Halal!

Munch on these pieces of meat and praise the heavens for gifting you with a tongue that can taste the absolute deliciousness of this dish.

We want you to enjoy everything about our Assorted Meat, so we always ensure to use the best ingredients we could find.

Using premium mutton, beef and chicken from different local butchers around London to ensure freshness and the best taste.

These farmers have been working their entire lives together with other different producers, just to give us amazing ingredients that we could absolutely enjoy.

The meats are then cooked in a pot of fresh onions, mixed herbs, bay leaves and our top-secret house blend curry powder till tender and fall off the bone.

Imagine the beautiful aromas that come with this dish! It not only tastes delicious but smells divine too!

All our meats are also baked at a high temperature and only brushed lightly with some sunflower oil that’s not only rich in Vitamin E, but also proves to be a great antioxidant!

Oh, and don’t worry, it tastes absolutely the same as frying them! Dare we say it’s even better!

This technique saves on the calories as it requires little oil, and is also an amazing healthy alternative. It reduces health risks and retains all those good nutrients.

You won’t have to worry about the madness of preparing a dish like this anymore, just call us and we’ll do all the work for you!

No more messy kitchens and added stress of making sure everything is perfect. With Afrisian, all you gotta do is simply re-heat, nothing more.

Bring this out on any occasion and watch as your guest’s mouth water while you place this beautiful dish right in front of them.

Impress everyone at the dinner table with this Afrisian Assorted Meat.

Share it with your family and enjoy each other’s company as you fall in love with our delicious dish.

Tell stories, laugh at some jokes, while you bite into these juicy & tender cuts of meat.

Delicious food with the best people around, this is what it means to order Afrisian.

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