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How to safely reheat your meals

“Just can't get enough of this.”


  • Meat Pies

    30 Pieces of delicious Halal meat pies

  • Suya Beef

    10 pieces of tender & juicy suya skewers

  • Meat Pies

    30 Pieces of delicious Halal meat pies

  • Suya Beef

    10 pieces of tender & juicy suya skewers

  • Jollof Rice

    Savoury African rice dish, serves up to 5 people

  • Salt & Pepper Wings

    30 pieces deep fried chicken wings

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Nigerian Spot

Uber Eats

Uber Eats

100% Halal
Safe Ready Made meals
Caters large servings
Planet-Friendly Packaging
Well-Curated Feast Deals
Fun Snackboxes
Traditional & Authentic
High quality Ingredients
Very Responsive
Ships all over the UK

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What people care about most

An Afrisian chef, expertly trained on West African and East Asian cuisine.

Expertly Crafted

Made in a professional kitchen with trained chefs.

Afrisian's premium promise that all ingredients used are of the top-quality.

Premium Quality

Each ingredient is hand checked, ensuring freshness.

Afrisian showing the convenience of having these Freshly & Ready Meals.

Amazingly Convenient

It’s easy and trouble-free, just reheat and enjoy.

A Pestle & Mortar used in West African cuisine that shows the Authenticity of Afrisian.

Deliciously Authentic

All our dishes are made with Traditional techniques

Afrisian being proud of its Nigerian Culture & Heritage.

Proudly Nigerian

100% Nigerian owned with a diverse team of people

Road to Sustainability

Here at Afrisian, we believe in taking care of the world we live in. So reducing our waste and carbon footprint is definitely one of our main priorities.

That’s why we made sure to provide you with recyclable packaging that’s better for our environment!

From our planet-friendly boxes that are guaranteed to be carbon-neutral and biodegradable to the Insulation that are all made from recycled textile.

Even our trays are made from sustainable sources that offsets the carbon footprint left from manufacturing them.

Sustainability doesn’t just come from packaging, but from the people who deliver these to you as well. Our partners do a great job at measuring their environmental impact and they’re planning to lessen their carbon emissions as well.

We are dedicated to not only bring you the best out of our service, but also be part of the change we want to see in this world.

You have family coming over this weekend and wondering what you wanna serve them? Thinking about giving them some good Authentic African food?

Well don’t cha’ worry, ‘cause Afrisian’s got you covered! No more stress and hassle of cooking.

It’s our Jeje Bundle!

This bundle is a full set of small chops, sides, and rice. The perfect mix for your perfect family.

This package includes:


• 30 Pieces of our Mini Meat Pies

• 10 Pieces of our Beef Suya (Beef Skewers)


• 30 Pieces of our Salt & Pepper Wings


• Jollof Rice (Serves up to 6)

Wondering how much you need to serve that’s fit for everyone? Don’t worry, we’ll do the thinking for you!

Now on average, each person would have around 1⁄2 kg or 1 lb of food. So, by our calculations, each of your family members will be grabbing around 5 to 8 pieces altogether!

That means this feast bundle is perfect for 8 of you guys! Now that’s neat.

As its name suggests, this bundle gives off the gentle ‘don’t worry’ vibes and provides you with delicious and amazing food at the same time.

Surprise the gang with this tasty African feast and watch them finish all of it quickly.

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