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About us

We’re a Nigerian-owned, London-based food service company that is currently serving families & their friends all over the United Kingdom with delicious and authentic African & Asian cuisine.

Who are we?

We thrive on offering our customers the convenience of tasty and affordable meals without the hassles and stress of cooking.

Sharing our food to millions of families around the world is our dream, where all our recipes that
have been passed down for generations, be loved and appreciated.

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What do we do?

We serve families all over the UK with delicious and safe Ready Meals. They’re chef-prepared dishes frozen and shipped in eco-friendly insulated boxes ready to be heated and served anytime.

Don’t have the time to cook? Or maybe there’s someone you know that is unable to. Well here
at Afrisian, we’ll do all the hard work for you.

Our Ready Meals are well crafted and taste just like how you’d cook at home. No preservatives, no chemicals. Just pure, fresh ingredients sprinkled with love.

Interested in what we do? Come and check out our menu!

How did we get here?

Afrisian was founded in London, sometime in 2017, with the vision of making our community’s everyday life that bit easier.

We want to be the common thread between families, friends & their memories. And since we can’t be everyone’s aunt, what better way than providing beautifully plated meals with delicious flavours that taste just like home.

Because of this, we’ve realised how there are many people today who have limited time for cooking, and the need for traditional meals that are quick and easy now became a necessity.

With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, nobody deserves the stress and hassles that come with cooking. We want people to spend more of their precious time with their loved ones rather than in the kitchen washing pots.

That’s why in March 2022, we launched a new service called Ready-Made (Now Ready Meals),
where we cook the food for you on the days that you don’t have time to.

We’ve provided restaurant quality meals for families and catered for events since 2018 with plans to go global. It might take some time, but we’ll definitely get there.

We’re so proud of our West African culture and we want our customers to effortlessly enjoy authentic flavours & traditional techniques.

More than just food

For us, Afrisian is much more than just a service provider; it is a way of keeping our culture alive, creating new endless memories and remembering the old, and creating a community bonded by the love of food..

We value togetherness and breaking the status quo, all while living our best lives.

Afrisian is an experience, of embracing the good times and the happy moments, of discovering
new things and new adventures, of love and family.

We are more than just food, We are Afrisian.


Go Check us Out and experience this yourself.


Don’t take our word for it, see what these families say about us.


Ordered the stir fry noodles, fried fish and suya chicken wings. Everyone loved it. Sup...


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Food always great

Food always great Service always great

Priscilla Matthews

Collected via Trustpilot
My first time ordering from Afrisian

My first time ordering from Afrisian I ordered The OG snacks box very delicious snacks ...

Waltina Cole

Collected via Trustpilot
Great options!

I ordered a wide range of dishes and they were all particularly fresh and tasty. I real...


Collected via Trustpilot
I’ve ordered previously and like the…

I’ve ordered previously and like the time before the food was fresh and very tasty. Goo...

Derek Ojoe

Collected via Trustpilot
Amazing food- good customer service


Collected via Trustpilot
Worth every penny!

My second time ordering and the food never disappoints! Amazing taste and beautifully p...


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