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About us

We’re London-based, and we currently serve families across the UK with plans to go global. We thrive on offering our customers the convenience of affordable, authentic meals.

The Founder

I’m proud of my Nigerian heritage, especially our savoury food. The aromas, flavours, and textures mean everything to me. Cooking is in my DNA. I come from a long line of excellent cooks. My mum’s recipes are the foundation of our menu. Conventional career advice dictated that getting a job was safer than starting a food business. So after graduating from university, I tried every career I’d ever been interested in – from fashion to sales to sewing... But in the end, I went right back to where I started: cooking West African and East Asian food.

The Company

Afrisian was founded in London (2017) with the vision of making our community's everyday life that bit easier. We want to be the common thread between families, friends & their memories. Since we can't be everyone's aunt, what better way than providing beautifully plated meals. Soon realised how many people today have limited time for cooking and the need for traditional meals that are quick and easy. In March 2018, we launched a new service, cook the food for you, on the days you don’t have time to. We're proud of our West African culture. We want customers to effortlessly enjoy authentic flavours & traditional techniques. 

More than just food

For us, Afrisian is much more than a service provider; it is a way of keeping culture alive, endless memories, a community, and much more. We value togetherness, breaking the status quo, all while living our best lives.

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