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How to order

1. Pick your favourites

Go and choose from a wide selection of our African & Asian cuisine made with high-quality and fresh ingredients.

2. Customise how you like it

We give you the option to choose different spice ranges, fillings and many more. This way you’ll enjoy every dish, just how you like them!

3. Expertly prepared by Chefs

Our chefs will prepare every dish from scratch with authentic and traditional methods straight from our lovely little kitchen in London.

4. Chilled to ensure Freshness

All dishes are chilled and placed in insulated packages. We want to keep things as fresh and healthy as possible, so we never use preservatives.

5. Away it goes

The dishes are delivered chilled to wherever you are in the UK every Tuesday and Friday.

6. Sustainable Packaging

Dishes are safely packaged and insulated, so they’ll stay chilly even for a couple hours outside. Our boxes and insulators are planet-friendly, but we highly encourage everyone to recycle/reuse them. Mother nature will thank you.

7. It’s ready when you are

Serve them immediately or stock them in your freezer. Either way, they’ll be ready when you’re hungry.

8. Heat – Eat – Repeat

Take them out and heat them up. All those flavours are as fresh as they come. Enjoy our tasty dishes and do it all over again!





1. Tastiness

Authentically made with traditional techniques by chefs using the freshest ingredients, ensuring maximum flavours with every bite.

2. Diverse

Two different cultures in one! We offer both African and Asian cuisine to satisfy your international palates.

3. Stress Free

No more dirty kitchens, mountains of dishes and strange smells! Just heat them up and enjoy high quality food with no energies spent.

4. Zero Waste

We’ve taken care of all the cooking clean-up! All you need to do is recycle/reuse our packaging and the Earth will thank you.

5. Super Easy

It’s so simple and easy, no more long lines. Just heat the dishes and you’ll be able to enjoy restaurant-quality meals in no time!


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We're sure you'll love all our dishes, so it's going to be super worth it.

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