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Is there a minimum spend for my order?
Well yes, there is a minimum order of £35 for our Ready Meals, if you wanna order just our snack boxes however, there’s no minimum spend.

This is mainly because the packaging is different for our ready meals.

What days do you deliver?
All Heat N’ Ready Meals arrive at your doorstep every Tuesday & Friday between 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Don't worry, our delivery partners will also drop you an email or text message an hour before, to let you know that your parcel of deliciousness is arriving. Yay!

By the way, if you want your order to arrive by Tuesday you got to order by 9PM Sunday, and if you want your order to arrive by Friday, you got to order by 9PM Wednesday.

What if I’m not home when the delivery arrives?
Currently out of the house? No worries fam! All those tasty goodness inside that package are safe. Our planet-friendly insulated boxes can keep your food cool for hours! (Until 9:00 PM) Just make sure to tell our friendly delivery partners where to
safely place them.

Can I have my order arrive on a different day?
This all depends on availability, but go and drop us an email at and we’ll see what we can do. Promise, we don't bite and we’ll try our utmost best to help you.

I’m unable to complete my order, it says it can’t be delivered to my address.
We deliver almost everywhere in the UK and if you’re having some issues at checkout, you can drop us an email here and we’ll be able to sort it out for you.

What time should I expect my orders to arrive?
Our ready meals are delivered to you by our experienced delivery partner. Don’t worry, they’ll let you know when they’ll be arriving by dropping you a text or an email 1 hour in advance. But usually, just expect them around 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM.

Haven’t received a text or email? You can contact DPD here with your delivery reference number.

Do you have any promos available?
Short answer, yes! We do offer some promotions throughout the year IF you become part of the Foodie Gang (Afrisian's Newsletter)!

So why not join other foodie lovers here for giveaways, freebies and discount codes.

Do you ship internationally?
Well… right now we’re focusing a lot on perfecting our service within the UK. But we’ll definitely be shipping internationally sooner than you think!

If you want to be kept in the loop, join the Foodie Gang (Afrisian's Newsletter) here.

Can I change my order?
We cook all our dishes in large amounts which means there won’t be enough time between when the order was placed and when it is going to be dispatched.

So if you have completed an order, any changes to it can no longer be accommodated.

Can I ADD an item to my order?
As of the moment, when an order is placed on our website, an order slip is automatically generated and sent to our kitchen. So, any more additions need to be made in a separate transaction as it is not currently possible to include it on your initial order.

Rest assured that we are working on this but right now any additional items need to be on another order.

Can I change my delivery address or delivery date
Yes you can! But we would need a minimum of 4 days before your designated dispatch date for us to be able to accommodate this change.

If you want to change your delivery address or delivery date, drop us an email here and we’ll sort it out for ya’.

Is your food Halal?
Oh Yeah! Our menu is almost 100% Halal. We’re just currently working on our meat pie recipe, it’s the only item not halal on our menu.

But, we’re making sure to be completely Halal as soon as we’ve figured everything out with our recipe.

When will the snack boxes be available again?
Our snack boxes are constantly in high demand, so sometimes we have to pause the amount of orders to get the boxes to you fast.

If the boxes are currently out of stock, just drop us a message at and you’ll be added to the waitlist.

Don’t worry! You’ll get 24 hours exclusive access to the snackboxes before it’s available to everyone else.

Where can I find the allergen information?
Afrisian does work with some allergens, so we have provided a full list of ingredients and allergens under each product. Just look for the ingredients tab right next to the yummy looking food image.

We’ve also provided a detailed ingredients list on the packaging when you receive it.

If you have any concerns regarding an allergen, you can talk to us at before placing your order for any additional information.

Do you have any Gluten-Free products?
We are currently working on having a Gluten Free option for our dishes. It might take a little while but it's something we really want to offer.

Just give us a little bit of time as we figure everything out, and thanks a bunch for understanding.

Why not join our Foodie Gang here to be the first to know when we offer them!

Do you have anything non-dairy?
We really want to offer you dishes that do not include dairy, and currently we are working on it. But It’s gonna take a little while as we make improvements to our dishes.

Why not join our Foodie Gang here to be the first to know when they’re available.

Are there any more dishes you offer outside your shop menu?
We’d love to help you out with this! Why don’t you drop us a message at and we can talk about what we’d be able to do for you.

What areas do you deliver?
We deliver all over the UK, and we’ve actually set our sights on going global. But for now, we’re pleased to serve almost all the parts of Great Britain.

How do I store my food?
Immediately after receiving your delivery, unpack your box, take out the delicious food and pop ‘em straight in your freezer to keep ‘em fresh until you’re ready to enjoy them.

And if you can wait that long, you can keep your meals in the freezer for up to 6 months.

By the way, we advise you to refrain from re-freezing your meals if you’ve already put them in the fridge.

Do you deliver the food freshly cooked? Would it be ready to serve upon delivery?
Every dish is always prepared fresh, it’s then immediately frozen and packaged in our insulated boxes. This is to keep everything fresh and free of chemicals & preservatives.

Quick tip! Once your meals are defrosted, please do not refreeze them.

Do you do catering services?
Short answer, yes. But for now, we can only really do casual celebrations like small birthday parties or corporate events.
And as much as we would love to, our services cannot cover large events, weddings or big gatherings at the moment.

I’m pregnant, are the eggs you use safe for me?
Yep! All the eggs we use are safe for preggo women.

I have an Issue, what do I do?
We’d love to help you in any way that we can, so please tell us what the issue is at

Our goal is to resolve any issues you’re currently having and make sure you have a great experience with Afrisian.

I received a damaged/wrong item
We hate for you to experience this trouble, although this doesn’t happen very often, we’re always ready to help our foodie fam out.

Just please take a picture of the damage/problem with the item and immediately contact us at (within 24 hours of receipt) and attach the image. If there are no pictures or proof, it will be harder for us to sort out what has gone wrong.

Please expect us to get back to you within Monday - Friday.

Also, if your parcel is damaged, visibly tampered with or the seal has been broken, please do not eat any of the food. Your safety is our main concern.

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